Cabana Wear
“Cabana Wear”
(SPT9 – Cassette)

100 copies pressed on clear shell with black liner, includes download code

1. Get Well
2. Scaredy Horse
3. Always Loose
4. Bother You (LISTEN)
5. Green
6. St. Napster

1. Least Comfortable Me
2. Tommy
3. One Time in a Million
4. Brewer’s and Connies
5. Summer
6. Where I Am

Cabana Wear hails from New Jersey. Their debut record is fuzzy and superbly hooky. Some would say the band is playing hooky and they’re not afraid to be caught. That’s what being catchy is all about. Playing hooky. It comes as no surprise the band has 40 total fingers amongst its members. Same amount of toes. That’s good enough for me.

Released: July 1st, 2019