Jason Anderson
July 4, 2004 / On Vacation
(SPT12 – Cassingle)

50 copies pressed on white shell.

July 4, 2004 (LISTEN)

On Vacation

Highlighting tracks from 2007’s seminal album “Tonight”, Jason Anderson presents ‘July 4, 2004’ and ‘On Vacation’ on SLUDGE PEOPLE cassingle for your listening pleasure.

Via Jason:
“From the long-out-of-print Tonight album—and for the first time on streaming services—I am thrilled to present this lovingly remastered two-song single featuring July 4, 2004 and On Vacation. This pair was my favorite to play when Joe DeGeorge, Juliet Nelson, Gregg Porter, Djim Reynolds, David Sapienza, and Sean Wright—aka The Best, as they were, and are, some of the best musicians and people I know—were the band. Titling this release So Long is not only a nod to another track these players put their indelible mark on, but a fond wave goodbye to those included here, as both of them have appeared in ever-evolving, chameleonic form(s) on previous albums.

These versions, to my ears, feel definitive, or, at the very least, emblematic of The Best and what they beautifully, powerfully, collectively brought to my music. While we would often open with On Vacation and close with July 4, 2004, here the order is reversed, the former unspooling sublimely as credits roll—a smiling, wistful nod to those euphoric nights at TT the Bear’s, those glorious New Year’s Eves at PA’s Lounge. Because if these Lost Sessions have been anything, they’ve been, well, for me, a beautiful release, smiling backwards down the number line while excitedly moving forward. So here we go, together, the hopeful, the unafraid. Thanks for taking the trip with me.”


Released: November 27th, 2019