(SPT21 – Cassette)

100 copies pressed on black shell, includes download code

1. She Does Those Things to Me
2. Don’t Need Your Love
3. She’s Lost
4. Why Should I?
5. Slave to Her Lies
6. Sick & Tired
7. Cut Me Down
8. Make It Mine
9. Movin’ On

1. Can’t Stand This Place
2. Always the Same
3. Let Me In
4. It’s Not My World
5. Distemper
6. I’m Free (For Bill)

Sidelined from touring and recording their third full length (because COVID), The Ar-Kaics are staying home and finally getting around to doing the laundry. It’s all here, and fresh as a summer daisy; all of the out-of-print, pre-Wick Records 45s, an early demo standout, and an inexplicably unreleased song from their s/t album sessions are all on offer. Remastered loud for maximum rock’n’roll, but unlike the late and great rag of the same name, these songs are here to stay, in print!

For those not yet indoctrinated, Ar-Kives brings listeners up to speed on The Ar-Kaics’ off-brand of spot-on 60s garage punk originals, something they’ve been channeling back from the grave and making their own for the better part of the last decade.

Released: November 2021