SPT23 (Cassette)

100 copies pressed on clear shell. Includes download code.

1. Miriam
2. Down to Affection
3. Come Back to What You Are
4. Ice Queen
5. The Book of Love

1. Clearer
2. In Bruges
3. Sunday Morning
4. Red Door
5. You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away

In spite of everything 2020 has put us through, remember that the Akashic records will also show: Sanglorians put out a great album this year!

The band formed in September 2010 as the primary musical outlet for singer-songwriter Daniel Brummel, also at various times a member of Ozma, Spain, Nada Surf, Weezer, and The Elected. After releasing their debut album Initiation on October 23, 2013, Sanglorians immediately began painstakingly developing the magnum opus that is their sophomore effort, Odalisque. Featuring the gorgeous vocals and violin of Morgan Paros (Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness), the double-drumming power duo of Andrew Lessman (Dorian Wood) and Tobias Smith (Atomic Tom, Spookey Ruben), and rock solid support from guitarist Jonathan Gomez and bassist Jeremy Keeler, Odalisque is equal parts high-polish studio masterpiece and stunning indie outsider art, already a cult classic in the making.

“Described as heavy power pop meets prog rock, Sanglorians definitely ignore guitar town’s city limits on their first record in seven years, Odalisque. The sheer inventiveness on this record is breathtaking and, after just a few listens, quickly endearing. Some tracks come on like AM radio hit singles. “Miriam” kicks things off with a faint breeze of Weezer, “Down to Affection” is a melodic wild ride worthy of a Fun album deep cut, while “Come Back to What You Are” sounds like a great lost ELO single. Other parts of the album are a bit more experimental; wait out the instrumental prelude to “Clearer” and you’re rewarded with a sweet, hypnotic, XTC-like melody. Throw in a few choice covers (Beatles, Magnetic Fields, Margo Guryan) and at least one more candidate for a great big hit single (“In Bruges”) and it’s pretty clear Sanglorians are back with a hooky vengeance.”  – Dennis Pilon, Pop Rock Record

Released: January 15th, 2021



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