(SPT29 – Cassette/DIGITAL)

100 copies pressed on clear shell, includes download code

1. Error
2. Future Days
3. Dead

1. Can’t Fake
2. Trenches
3. Switchblade

“Gabby’s distinctive delivery alternates between clipping rhythmic syllables and stretching them out for max effect. The rhythm section provides a pummeling foundation for this fantastic insect swarm guitar tone that is absolutely sinister-sounding (and awesome). Crucial tunes. –Michael T. Fournier, Razorcake”

co-ed are a four piece band from Los Angeles. They write fast, angry and to the point punk songs with narratives examining our society as well as our role in it. Under the backdrop of the global pandemic, co-ed managed to capture six original songs in sporadic recording sessions over summer and fall 2020.

Released: April 2nd 2021