(SPT34 – Cassette)

100 copies pressed on TBD shell.

1. U Win Every Game
2. I Can’t Drive
3. Why Can’t You Do It My Way?
4. I’m Not Fake
5. I Call Your Bluff

1. I Don’t Care At All (Yet)
2. Shan’t
3. Hysterical
4. Takes 1 2 Know 1
5. Quiet

If I had to write a blogy review of my own album it would be like:

Casey Jost’s constant pursuit to scratch the unrelenting itch of writing quirky little pop-rock songs continues on his 4th “serious” solo album. As usual, Casey does his best to find a comfy place to sit at the slacker table, somewhere between Weezer and Pavement, but on this record Casey lets his metaphorical hair down to allow some of his other influences to join the party. Influences such as: INSERT WHATEVER YOU HEAR. Coming in around just 25 minutes: crank it up and listen to it a few times in a row!!!

Released: Fall 2023