SPT55 (Cassette)

100 copies pressed on yellow shell. Includes download code (album only).

1. Leather Pepper
2. Ratshit
3. Low Testosterone
4. Shadow the Hedgehog
5. Freak Line
6. The Man Who Made Up Numbers
7. Second Take
8. Boxing
9. Sonic Belt Buckle
10. Zippa!
11. Corrugated Chest
12. Out on Medication
13. All My Friends Are Felix the Cat
14. My Life as Sylvie S

1. Answers in the Sky
2. Barbie Doll Brains (Wah Wah Mix)
3. Fell in Love with a Monster (Live)
4. Ratshit (Live)
5. Lunchbreak (Live)
6. Low Testosterone (Live)
7. Sick of Being Haunted (Live)
8. Be Hardcore/Healing (Live)
9. Peach Pie (Live)
10. Chug Oil (Live)
11. Someone Stole My Electricity (Live)
12. Turrets (Live)
13. Jenny Destroys Records (Live)
14. I Don’t Wanna Be with You (Live)

Billiam‘s debut LP Corner Tactics is finally upon us! Having released hundreds of songs split across various singles, EPs, and compilations since the beginning of his solo career in 2019, Billy isn’t an individual who needs any introduction!

On Corner Tactics, Billiam delivers what is undoubtedly his best work yet, 14 tracks of weirdo synth punk goodness to blow your speakers out to. The ability to wear your influences on your sleeve while still creating something entirely original is a skill very few are able to master but time after time Billy makes it seem like child’s play, seamlessly weaving Devo, The Fall, and Useless Eaters into what can only be described as ‘Billiamwave’.

LP available from Under the Gun Records (US) and Cow Tool Records (AUS)

Released: March 8, 2024