Alien Nosejob
Suddenly Everything Is Twice as Loud
(SPT17 – Cassette)

100 copies pressed on red shell, includes download code.

1. Television Sets
2. Weight of the World
3. Blending In
4. Emotional Rep
5. Rainbow Road
6. Black Sheep

1. Pass the Buck
2. Spin Cycle
3. Daintree
4. Don’t Need Your Love
5. Freezing Cold
6. Alien Island

Suburban genre hopper Alien Nosejob submits new LP Suddenly Everything Is Twice As Loud: 12 tales of tape-recorded nonsense for planet earth to behold. Jake Robertson (whom you may remember from such bands as Ausmuteants, School Damage, Hierophants, Swab) has given up waiting on others to rock up to practice, write their parts, tune their instruments, yada yada. Nosejob has taken to the studio in solitude to do the whole writing, performing and recording process himself. He explains below:

“I first have to demo the songs, then re-record the demo with a corrected structure, save it as an mp3 with a ten second intro of silence so I have enough time to run to the drum kit after I hit record on the 4 track. I then have to bounce the drums back to the computer only to send it back to channel 1 of the 4 track so I can re-record the other tracks on the remaining tracks. That arduous task combined with constantly asking myself if the songs are worth the effort makes the whole process feel like drowning in milk. But I hope ya like the album!!”

Suddenly Everything Is Twice As Loud is the result of this process and we hope you like it too.

Released: August 7th, 2020