Company calls
SPT59 (Cassette)

50 copies pressed on brick shell. Includes download code.

1. Gum
2. Dating for Nepotism
3. One Way to Leave Your Lover
4. Disengaged, Dislocated
5. Campus Police
6. Baby Blue Baby
7. Living Right
8. Grounded

1. Pathos
2. Night Divers
3. Cough Perfection
4. Domestic Scenery
5. Crawl
6. Feeble, Frayed

Grounded, better known as A.T.F.C.T.T.S.M.M., is the debut album from rock ‘n’ roll outfit Company Calls. The album hits on every beat yr looking for and is easily the best record to come out on cassette in 2024.” – Caiden Dohr, guitar and vocals

“Recorded in an abandoned nail salon in a Montreal strip mall, and mixed by a toddler, Illinois-based rock outfit Company Calls’ debut album Grounded is possibly the greatest indie rock album of all time. Now, via Sludge People, it’s on cassette, and is a purchase necessary for all consumers of everything.” – Tom Oeffling, bass and vocals

“I love Grounded, the mixing, the writing, and all of the happy accidents we left in. But when Tom told me we were doing cassettes I said “You’re out of your goddamn mind.” He explained to me that he wants people to be able to listen in their cars, and although nobody has an 8-track player in their car anymore, I understood. I think that everyone should be able to enjoy rural Illinois shoegaze from the comfort of their ‘02 Accord.” – Ethan Bailey, drums and some vocals

Grounded is Goated.” – Luke Tinsley, Hypeman/Maraca man

Released: April 22, 2024



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