SPT64 (Cassette)

60 copies pressed on magnolia shell. Includes download code.

1. drive-by-gones
2. on tamarack
3. telstar drugs
4. frown-off
5. hazel green
6. golden hair
7. fireman
8. synecdoche

1. lucky strike
2. patrick j. swanson vs. the state of wisconsin
3. javale mcgee
4. panic button
5. laundry
6. dirty laundry

Milwaukee-based but Johnsburg, Illinois native tommy oeffling is a multi-instrumentalist who writes, records, and produces all of his own music independently from inside the walls of his 10 x 17 ft. dorm room. Although his sound is often described as “slacker rock,” the rate at which he releases music is anything but. For the past two years, tom has put out two albums per year while also releasing projects with his other bands Company Calls, Beauty Filter, Jumper Seat, Zilcho Robinson, Foxcatcher, and others. These range from upbeat pop sensibilities to crushing acoustic ballads to contemplative piano instrumentals. While there is no uniform sound across his albums, tommy’s music carries an ethos of truth with songs that allow you to get lost in the world within them.

-Pat Swanson

Released: May 30, 2024