Widower‘s Baby We Were cassettes are in and shipping now! This project was pure joy: I first met Kevin Large when he was playing a Widower set at a record store in Torrington, CT, opening for my friend Sean of Quiet Life. It was something special and I never looked back (side note though – if you know Torrington at all, it’s INSANE that there was ever a record store, even briefly. Couldn’t remember the name of it for the life of me, but I remember it sprung up shortly before I moved to Portland, Oregon at 19).

Present day: Baby We Were is the best thing K Large has ever done and I had to make it a tape. He requested the classic Warner Brothers j card design, which I found myself finally comfortable enough to create after years of failures, and here we are! It looks perfect and I hope you get yourself a copy, it deserves to be heard (it also includes a download code FYI if that’s your thing) – get one here. Thanks Kevin!!

Life has sucked, so let’s celebrate: The Whiffs are in Philly TONIGHT at The Fire along with my friends The 1910 Chainsaw Company (featuring SLUDGE PEOPLE’s own Brian Mietz). I can’t wait to let loose, hope to see some locals there!

That’s all. Smarts and The Only Ghost in Town tapes should be here in a week or so, I’ll be back then. Take care!!