Ahoy! Things were going so well here in the Updates section for a minute, but it all slipped away. I’m still trying to adjust my time management due to my new job, but we’re here and I’m taking the victory that this didn’t take several months like usual.

Where did I last leave off? Oh yeah, duh: reliance is here and up for pre-order! Thanks to everyone who listened to tommy oeffling‘s latest and those who already pre-ordered a copy. We’ve got a limited supply of zines for those early birds, and I’m sure you’ll be quite pleased. It’s full color, with lyrics, photos, and some in-depth commentary on the record by Tom. It’s going to be a real cool package. I’ve been listening to the test tape all week, and copies should arrive at Sludge Manor shortly.

Grounded by Company Calls is here! They came out great, and the whole package is a real treat. I’ve become re-obsessed with the album again, which seems to happen to me every couple of weeks. They’re up in the Merchtable shop now, and also on Bandcamp we’re running a 3-tape bundle with cardigan hate train and the reliance pre-order for $30.

Remember when I teased these? Well, now you can buy ’em! We are fast-moving motherfuckers. We are women and men of action. and Keep Dreaming by The New Trust are on cassette for the first time! Last year, both these albums celebrated big anniversaries (20 and 10 years, respectively), and that achievement deserved celebration. I’ve probably bugged Josh about doing tapes from the first moment I started releasing tapes, and we were finally able to make something happen. I loved TNT for at least 19 of those years, so it’s a huge honor to add to their cassette discography. I have all of their other tapes (when they released Get Vulnerable on tape in 2008 or 2009, it was one of the first in my meager collection. I thought it was so cool). I saw Josh 2 weeks ago when he was in town, and there was talk of future reissues; let’s hope it pans out! You can purchase Fast-moving… here and Keep Dreaming here. Thanks to the fans who got theirs on day one; it’s great to know that there are other like-minded people out there.

That should do it. I posted about this on Instagram and Bandcamp, but The Pains of Being Pure at Heart s/t tapes came in and they had an audio glitch that was pretty heartbreaking to discover; otherwise, they were perfect. I had to send them back to be reduplicated (huge thanks to my manufacturer for being so cool about the whole thing, it’s insanely appreciated), so we all have to wait just a smidge longer. I sincerely apologize and thank you for your patience, but I promise they’re worth the wait. Beyond the audio, the art, shell, and j-card came out so damn great. I already miss looking at them, and eagerly await their return.

See? I told you I’d be back.

“javale mcgee / fireman” by tommy oeffling is now streaming everywhere. reliance is ONE WEEK AWAY! Time is really flying.

Come back Monday for another tape announcement (and yes, it’s oeffling related). I’m trying to update the photo on the landing page each time I post an update so you’ll know whether or not your time is about to be wasted.


Ahoy there! Anytime that I get to post a tommy oeffling update, I know it’s gonna be a great day. Mr. Prolific himself is back with his latest and greatest album, reliance – it’ll be out very, very soon – digital release is April 26th and the tape will be out shortly after. The pre-order will launch on release day and we’ve been putting together some bonus goodies to make this special album feel a little extra special-er. 

In the lead-up to reliance, tom will release two 2-song digital singles every Friday, starting today. You can hear “telstar drugs” and “frown-off” on all the services. More to come next week, check back then!

Yep, there’s lots coming up! I’ve been steadily doing around 2 tapes a month, and it’s been paying off. I am confident that this year I will be fully caught up on the backlog of projects that’s been building up, and I’ll be ready for an unknown future at long last. It’s gonna be great. Also great? The 3 pre-orders running RIGHT NOW! They’re with three of my favorite bands – three HOLY FUCKING SHIT projects.

The Pains of Being Heart‘s legendary self-titled debut is currently at press and will be shipping early next month! This is my third project with the band and the omg factor of it all has yet to wear off for me. Thanks to Kip for giving me a shot at reissuing this tape – I did everything I can to make it as special as possible (beyond the usual care I put into every project, of course) – lyrics, a fancy white matte shell (our first one!) dubbed on RTM Tape, plus I designed a very tasteful o-card which was limited to the first 50 copies (I’ll show that off once they arrive). Those are sold out, as are all pre-order copies, but any spares will be sent to Merchtable and available there. I’ll try give y’all as much notice as possible, but FYI I’m also about to start a new job so it may be tough to set aside time for this stuff initially.

This one has been a loooooooonnnnngggg time coming, but at long last The Doubble Donkey Disc is ready for ordering. It’s always a huge honor/pleasure to collaborate with Ozma, aka the world’s nicest band, who P.S. deserve many kudos for hanging on to their art files from 20+ years ago.  No one had that kind of hindsight in those days (myself included), which has been a hurdle for a lot of reissues. I can only imagine that struggle for any labels doing vinyl.

The j-card design for this ranks amongst my all-time favorites: I used all of the art that we love, plus some other gems that I found in those old folders. Copies are running low, but you can still get one while supplies last. DDD is expected to start shipping in early June – fingers crossed for sooner. 🤞

And last and not even close to least, Beachwood Sparks are BACK with their first album in 12 years!! Can you believe it?? It’s my favorite album of the year so far (maybe their finest effort ever), and I cannot wait for you to experience Across the River of Stars, coming July 19th on pink cassette from myself, and on LP/CD from my pals at Curation Records. Thanks to Brent for letting me have another crack at BWS on tape! I got to do their first album a few years back and it was a dream come true. It’s still my favorite SLUDGE PEOPLE tape, though this one could easily overtake it because the record really is that amazing. Pre-orders are up now, and will ship in early July! Check out the first single if you haven’t already:


This concludes our business for the evening. Have a great weekend, and I’ll be back to hype the next oeffling double single next week, plus these 2 tapes from The New Trust will going live soon. I adore TNT, but I’ll save that gushing for later.