The Freds Bedrock and Roll and Alien Nosejob Once Again the Present Becomes the Past tapes are real and out now on Planet Earth. We had some fun with the j cards for these 2 in particular: the ANJ covers are reversible if you like to have interactive fun with your physical media and Bedrock and Roll has a brand new comic from songwriter Alex Schubert that is so, so good and I know that I’m lucky to have it. (And both include download codes too – now that you’re sold, get a copy here and here). 

We also made shirts! Pocket tees to be specific which are the very best kind in my opinion. Get one here or the tape n’ tee combo here.

The announcement hadn’t made it to these parts yet, but I’m blessed to be doing a cassette pressing of Smarts‘ amazing album Who Needs Smarts, Anyway? from last year. Unfortunately, the tapes were delayed a smidge because it’s the year 2021, but they’re very much in the works at the manufacturer and should arrive by October. Pre-order here. Thanks for always being so cool, understanding and patient. It means a lot to this little one man operation.

The Only Ghost in Town are back with a new record: Pure Bliss is out October 29th on tape (duh) and digital. The first single “Inside My Head” is out everywhere and this Friday I’ll have the second for your enjoyment. It’s a chiller endeavor, with a bit of psych thrown in for good measure. I can’t wait for you to hear it, and Dan and I (mostly Dan) put together a nice treat for all pre-orders. More on that soon, but you can get a copy of Pure Bliss here.

Announcements expected in September, October and November: Widower Baby We Were, Berwanger And the Star Invaders, Trevor Beld Jimenez I Like It Here, The Boys with the Perpetual Nervousness Songs from Another Life/Dead Calm, Lee Gull Burn’r + Burn’r II, It’s a King Thing‘s self-titled album and Danny Pound Old-Light Painting. I’m about of breath just typing all of that! It’s going to be as busy as it will be fruitful season.

Before I sign off, I should mention that co-ed broke up. It’s a bummer as things seemed to be on a steady rise (positive word of mouth, a glowing review in Razorcake Magazine, lots of gigs booked and Thurston Moore even bought a tape), but sometimes things just blow up. I think the ep will be one of those cool essential blips in punk music though, and best of luck to all with their future endeavors.

Let’s kick things off with some good news:

The co-ed tapes are HERE! I’m so psyched about this collection of songs that the band put together, it’s been a privilege to be involved with them. I was also lucky enough to design this one, so opening the box of these was quite thrilling. More co-ed news on the way – videos, gigs, new songs, etc. I just started a mailing list (something that had been requested and of course I’d been taking my time to bring to fruition) so please sign up if you want to hear about such happenings – it’s on the home page or at the bottom of this one. Snag a copy of the ep here or from the band on their Bandcamp. Good news if your walls are hungry: there’s a limited supply of posters that will be included with ep orders.

I’ve had four other releases come out since we last spoke (pictured above, L-R: Ozma Rock and Roll Part Three, L’Resorts Bad Love, Sanglorians Odalisque and Beachwood Sparks Beachwood Sparks). Each one came out like a total dream, thanks to all who have got a copy so far. The Ozma tapes sold out lightning quick, that ruled.

I don’t know why, but I’ve really had trouble keeping up with the fast paced world of website updating. There’s a lot of available excuses, but ultimately I’m aware I’m blowing it. Time had been getting away from me, but I think I’ve finally caught it. I’m also trying to do better with the delays, which aren’t entirely my fault but I’d like to try to build a better safety net if any arise. Thankfully you all have been so cool and patient. Big summer ahead with releases from Alien Nosejob‘s Once Again the Present Becomes the Past (pre-order up now, out in July) and The Freds Bedrock and Roll (August 13th, that pre-order up next). Filling a lot of holes in the catalog with these – The Freds is SPT3 aka a loooooonnng time coming. It has a fancy mastering job and everything, which I realized might be my favorite part of the record label process. Single dropping in June!

Okay, that’s it. That’s the update. Lots coming up, it’s practically exhausting. Stay cool.