Ahoy there! Anytime that I get to post a tommy oeffling update, I know it’s gonna be a great day. Mr. Prolific himself is back with his latest and greatest album, reliance – it’ll be out very, very soon – digital release is April 26th and the tape will be out shortly after. The pre-order will launch on release day and we’ve been putting together some bonus goodies to make this special album feel a little extra special-er. 

In the lead-up to reliance, tom will release two 2-song digital singles every Friday, starting today. You can hear “telstar drugs” and “frown-off” on all the services. More to come next week, check back then!

Yep, there’s lots coming up! I’ve been steadily doing around 2 tapes a month, and it’s been paying off. I am confident that this year I will be fully caught up on the backlog of projects that’s been building up, and I’ll be ready for an unknown future at long last. It’s gonna be great. Also great? The 3 pre-orders running RIGHT NOW! They’re with three of my favorite bands – three HOLY FUCKING SHIT projects.

The Pains of Being Heart‘s legendary self-titled debut is currently at press and will be shipping early next month! This is my third project with the band and the omg factor of it all has yet to wear off for me. Thanks to Kip for giving me a shot at reissuing this tape – I did everything I can to make it as special as possible (beyond the usual care I put into every project, of course) – lyrics, a fancy white matte shell (our first one!) dubbed on RTM Tape, plus I designed a very tasteful o-card which was limited to the first 50 copies (I’ll show that off once they arrive). Those are sold out, as are all pre-order copies, but any spares will be sent to Merchtable and available there. I’ll try give y’all as much notice as possible, but FYI I’m also about to start a new job so it may be tough to set aside time for this stuff initially.

This one has been a loooooooonnnnngggg time coming, but at long last The Doubble Donkey Disc is ready for ordering. It’s always a huge honor/pleasure to collaborate with Ozma, aka the world’s nicest band, who P.S. deserve many kudos for hanging on to their art files from 20+ years ago.  No one had that kind of hindsight in those days (myself included), which has been a hurdle for a lot of reissues. I can only imagine that struggle for any labels doing vinyl.

The j-card design for this ranks amongst my all-time favorites: I used all of the art that we love, plus some other gems that I found in those old folders. Copies are running low, but you can still get one while supplies last. DDD is expected to start shipping in early June – fingers crossed for sooner. 🤞

And last and not even close to least, Beachwood Sparks are BACK with their first album in 12 years!! Can you believe it?? It’s my favorite album of the year so far (maybe their finest effort ever), and I cannot wait for you to experience Across the River of Stars, coming July 19th on pink cassette from myself, and on LP/CD from my pals at Curation Records. Thanks to Brent for letting me have another crack at BWS on tape! I got to do their first album a few years back and it was a dream come true. It’s still my favorite SLUDGE PEOPLE tape, though this one could easily overtake it because the record really is that amazing. Pre-orders are up now, and will ship in early July! Check out the first single if you haven’t already:


This concludes our business for the evening. Have a great weekend, and I’ll be back to hype the next oeffling double single next week, plus these 2 tapes from The New Trust will going live soon. I adore TNT, but I’ll save that gushing for later.

Twelve Big Ones from The Wand-ers is HERE!! This is a lovely package with 12 rippin’ Wanda Jackson covers. I really fell hard for her songs when I first encountered them a loooooong time ago (oof), so it was nice come into this with a love for the material already intact. This marks my third project with Nat Brower, and hopefully that number will continue to rise.

You can listen and purchase a copy at the Bandcamp site, and they’ll be up at Merchtable shortly (just shipped over copies today).

Hello 2024. Yes, I’m tardy as usual. Get over it 🙂 Usually, I start these posts with an apology and a look behind, but let’s start with the future past before going further backwards.

Billiam‘s full-length Corner Tactics is HERE and it’s a winner, with the full album side a and 2 rarities plus a live set on side b. The album has been out digitally for a minute now and seems to have found itself a healthy audience (though I’d argue Billy was already well-loved, just now more so). The LP is out on Under the Gun (US) and Cow Tool Records  (AUS). I don’t know CT, but Evert at UTG is an old and cherished friend. He was very helpful with tape advice when I was about to launch this whole operation, and he even printed the Weed Homer shirts. We’ve been wanting to do something together for years, so it was nice that this project came together with both of us attached to it. I just did the tapes, but regardless it was nice to feel like part of the team. Spin.com did a feature on the rise of egg punk recently, and Billiam had plenty of coverage in it. It’s worth a read if you’ve got a minute.

I finally got the Panzarotti represses and It’s a King Thing tapes to the finish line – what a fucking relief. These took an embarrassingly long time, but they’re here and they’re a 10/10, so I can rest easy at last. With the Brian Mietz trifecta complete, it feels like last year’s Wow! can be properly celebrated – so let’s celebrate! Copies are up and shipping now in the shop.

The next release that’s immediately on the way is Twelve Big Ones by The Wand-ers. It’s all Wanda Jackson covers, which is right up my alley. Thanks to Nat Brower for thinking of me once again. That’ll likely be here in a week, and once they arrive I’ll tell you where you can buy it from with specific links (otherwise duh, it’ll be on Merchtable and Bandcamp).

Okay, let’s simmer in the twinkle of yesterday’s tears:

So hey speaking of Nat, Nancy is going on tour starting THIS weekend! I got to a greatest hits tape with them last year for the European tour and they’re rad as fuck. Such a great band, if you live anywhere near here get your buns out to the show. I’ll see you in Philly – Foto Club is maybe my favorite venue in town right now. Maybe they still have copies of the cassette, but you can always get ’em on Merchtable or Bandcamp).

2/24 Chicago – Empty Bottle
2/25 Detroit – The Regal Beagle
2/26 Toronto- Toronto Style Bar and Grill
2/27 Buffalo – Area 54
2/28 Pittsburgh – Cattivo Bar
2/29 Philadelphia – Foto Club
3/2 NYC – Union Pool w/ PROTEX (LOW TIX!!!)

New tommy oeffling song/video! Check it out.

cardigan hate train instantly became one of the best things I’ve ever released. I’m sorry I didn’t post about it at the time here, but I’ve been gushing everywhere else I swear it. tom is a prolific mastermind and we’re lucky to be on this planet at the same time as him. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for his music and what the future holds for us. My magic 8-ball is showing a date of April 21st, 2024. Maybe check back then 🎱.

The Whiffs Scratch ‘N’ Sniff cassettes were a fucking smash, as was the album in general (congrats to the lads and to Dig!). I got to catch them last year and it was a ripper as always, and the new stuff was so good. They’re gonna hit the road again soon, I’ll do my best to keep you informed.

Lastly, Sir Kim from Kim came out. This came together because of my old CT friend Bradley is in the band and it was a joy to work on a project together after some false starts back in yesteryear. They also did the art for the tape, it’s really neat.

There’s more, but I’ll wait until they’re closer to being real before I spill the beans. Some catch up, some mustard. Check out my 2023 year-end playlist, it’s full of the good stuff. I remain psyched about cassettes and everything on the horizon. Every time a box of these beauties arrives from Canada it’s just the best feeling. I always feel behind on my passions but in reality, SLUDGE PEOPLE is still here contributing to the musical climate. That’s cool. I need to stop and simmer in that more often. This thing celebrated 10 years last year! I’m determined to get caught up on all lingering projects so I can feel more joy and less stress about this venture. So far so good!

The Belong cassettes arrived and they’re perfect in every single way. Thanks so much to Kip for letting me return for round 2, it was another unbelievable pleasure. I also want to extend my huge appreciation to everyone who pre-ordered and have been waiting patiently – it was worth the wait, I promise! Copies are still available and if you run a shop/distro, please get in touch for wholesale prices.

Brian Mietz and The Whiffs tapes are almost here too, then I’ll announce the next slate of releases. Some are a long time coming, some haven’t been announced yet. It’s gonna be a fun Summer, stay cool 🙂

If I got in a time machine and told the version of me who was working on this website how his plans for blog updates and news reports were too ambitious, I think that guy would be pretty let down. Me? The messenger? I’m slightly more okay with it, but jeez – first update in a YEAR!

It’s weird, I was always pretty good with website upkeep until I started SLUDGE PEOPLE and throughout the label’s ten-year existence (more on that in a moment) it has never fully come together. I almost got there a few years back, but this portion has remained a challenge. I hope all of the tweaks and updates I’ve done throughout will inspire me to be better at it. No promises though, that’s how these hijinks get started to begin with.

So yeah – TEN YEARS! That’s pretty wild and I have plenty of thoughts about it that I plan on putting into SPT50, out around the end of the year. You’ll hear about it around then, just know I’ve been brainstorming some cool ideas on top of the tape. It should be a special package.

So what happened from March ’22 to now? Plenty and not much! 2022 was a complicated year and as a result, I took a longer break than I had hoped but I released tapes from The Warhawks, By Surprise and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart.

Adulthood by Adulthood came out at the end of December so it honestly feels like a 2023 release to me. It’s such a good-looking tape, from the appealing cover to the frosted ice shell. You can get a copy of that here.

Heinous Action by Wayne Pain and the Shit Stains is out now, after years of behind-the-scenes planning. The whole project evolved so much over the years and I’m so pleased with how it turned out. I even drove my buns out to Kansas City for the release show and it did not disappoint. What a ripper!

Speaking of projects from old Kansas co-workers, Old-Light Painting by Danny Pound is out now on tape and digital. These came out awesome, the silver shell is especially sharp.

Up next:

Belong by The Pains of Being Pure at Heart is almost here, running a tad behind but nothing too extreme. Not sold out yet, but getting close! Looking forward to seeing those, I’ll gush a bit more on those in a post showing off the final product. It’s still mind-blowing to be doing these Pains tapes, the first one was such a hit and I think this one is even better.

The Whiffs are back with their latest Scratch ‘N’ Sniff! It’s probably the album of the year and it’ll be out next month. Pre-order that here.

Brian Mietz has a new record coming April 21st called Wow! and it’s the best. The second single just dropped today – stream “Cranefly” wherever you have an account.


Also, we’re repressing Panzarotti and putting It’s a King Thing on tape for the first time. So much great music!! You can pre-order all three in a bundle and save some bucks, or get them one at a time. Up to you, consumer! There’s also a release show booked on 4/21 at Tin Can. Here’s the flyer:

AFTER THAT?? So much! It’s gonna be a non-stop year as I have some holes to fill to get us to SPT50. Can’t wait to get those out at long last, it’s been a long time dreaming big.

Okay, that’s plenty. Until next time!!

A proper news-filled update is forthcoming (all is well and lots of fun is on the way, I swear it!), but I have some blog things that I’d like to get out of my system first…

Crickets #7 blew me away in a way that I hadn’t felt since #3, but even better. I’ve loved all chapters of Sammy Harkham’s “Blood of the Virgin” of course, but this latest entry was something especially touching. I also enjoyed that this issue seemed to come from out of nowhere and that Philadelphia’s Partners and Son had a copy – it really made me glad to be living in the city in a way that I really haven’t felt in these Pandemic years. Find yourself one at cooler comic shops or online.  It has my highest recommendation.

The Velvet Teen‘s Out of the Fierce Parade celebrated 20 years last week. To say it changed my life is an understatement – my adoration with this album led to my befriending the man behind Slowdance Records, which led to an internship offer that brought me from out of Connecticut and over to Portland, Oregon. I’m not sure if I would’ve ever left my home state without that push and belief in me, and it led to a real cool time of my life. The album is still great, I encourage you to check it out again or the first time, if you’re so lucky. Time flies.

Here’s some tape recommendations (as of this post there are still copies):

In the ‘Oops File’, I guess I never really mentioned this but Dan Saraceni (The Only Ghost in Town, By Surprise) and I have been putting out a weekly film noir podcast called Out of the Podcast and we’re now on our second year. Pretty wild – check us out, or at least check out the movies. You can find it wherever you listen to podcasts.

I put some new artwork in the art section. Hoping to collect all of that stuff and more into something that you can physically flip through this Summer… also would like to get more art done, but it seems to be getting more challenging to do that as the years pass.

That’ll do it. Eventually I’ll do some deep dive posts on Green Acres and Supreme, the two biggest things I’ve binged and obsessed over as of late. In the meantime, let’s make it through the rest of this bitter cold weather (Smarch at its finest) and take care of one another – that includes yourself!

Widower‘s Baby We Were cassettes are in and shipping now! This project was pure joy: I first met Kevin Large when he was playing a Widower set at a record store in Torrington, CT, opening for my friend Sean of Quiet Life. It was something special and I never looked back (side note though – if you know Torrington at all, it’s INSANE that there was ever a record store, even briefly. Couldn’t remember the name of it for the life of me, but I remember it sprung up shortly before I moved to Portland, Oregon at 19).

Present day: Baby We Were is the best thing K Large has ever done and I had to make it a tape. He requested the classic Warner Brothers j card design, which I found myself finally comfortable enough to create after years of failures, and here we are! It looks perfect and I hope you get yourself a copy, it deserves to be heard (it also includes a download code FYI if that’s your thing) – get one here. Thanks Kevin!!

Life has sucked, so let’s celebrate: The Whiffs are in Philly TONIGHT at The Fire along with my friends The 1910 Chainsaw Company (featuring SLUDGE PEOPLE’s own Brian Mietz). I can’t wait to let loose, hope to see some locals there!

That’s all. Smarts and The Only Ghost in Town tapes should be here in a week or so, I’ll be back then. Take care!!

The Freds Bedrock and Roll and Alien Nosejob Once Again the Present Becomes the Past tapes are real and out now on Planet Earth. We had some fun with the j cards for these 2 in particular: the ANJ covers are reversible if you like to have interactive fun with your physical media and Bedrock and Roll has a brand new comic from songwriter Alex Schubert that is so, so good and I know that I’m lucky to have it. (And both include download codes too – now that you’re sold, get a copy here and here). 

We also made shirts! Pocket tees to be specific which are the very best kind in my opinion. Get one here or the tape n’ tee combo here.

The announcement hadn’t made it to these parts yet, but I’m blessed to be doing a cassette pressing of Smarts‘ amazing album Who Needs Smarts, Anyway? from last year. Unfortunately, the tapes were delayed a smidge because it’s the year 2021, but they’re very much in the works at the manufacturer and should arrive by October. Pre-order here. Thanks for always being so cool, understanding and patient. It means a lot to this little one man operation.

The Only Ghost in Town are back with a new record: Pure Bliss is out October 29th on tape (duh) and digital. The first single “Inside My Head” is out everywhere and this Friday I’ll have the second for your enjoyment. It’s a chiller endeavor, with a bit of psych thrown in for good measure. I can’t wait for you to hear it, and Dan and I (mostly Dan) put together a nice treat for all pre-orders. More on that soon, but you can get a copy of Pure Bliss here.

Announcements expected in September, October and November: Widower Baby We Were, Berwanger And the Star Invaders, Trevor Beld Jimenez I Like It Here, The Boys with the Perpetual Nervousness Songs from Another Life/Dead Calm, Lee Gull Burn’r + Burn’r II, It’s a King Thing‘s self-titled album and Danny Pound Old-Light Painting. I’m about of breath just typing all of that! It’s going to be as busy as it will be fruitful season.

Before I sign off, I should mention that co-ed broke up. It’s a bummer as things seemed to be on a steady rise (positive word of mouth, a glowing review in Razorcake Magazine, lots of gigs booked and Thurston Moore even bought a tape), but sometimes things just blow up. I think the ep will be one of those cool essential blips in punk music though, and best of luck to all with their future endeavors.