I start a new job tomorrow (nervous/excited!), so pretend this is Monday morning.

Company Calls released their debut album Grounded one year ago (4/22), and today (4/22) we’re announcing that it’s coming to tape! Caiden Dohr and Tom Oeffling are among the most exciting songwriters of their generation, and when you put them together it’s special (add Ethan Bailey and Luke Tinsley to the mix and now you’re really cookin’). I love Grounded so much, and I can’t wait for us all to put it in our tapedecks.

Pre-orders are up now. It’s already off to press and shouldn’t be long, but the manufacturer got swamped recently, which added some time to their production schedule. Fingers are crossed for an early arrival, but I set the ship date for 5/17.

Need an introduction?